Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stabilicers and Gasoline

I’ve been exposed to something new this trip: Stabilicers. What a product!

The unseasonably warm weather in the YK Delta has been nice. Once consequence is melting ice on the roads and walkways (and very few paved sidewalks). The melted ice freezes overnight, leading to many square miles of natural ice skating pathways in the morning. Stabilicers have metal screws implanted into the soles. I borrowed a pair from the UAF CANHR stash and strap them over my boots or shoes. I’ll be purchasing my own pair before I leave Bethel from the YKHC gift store for $35. I never leave my Bethel home without them.

I learned today that gas is super expensive in the YK, which is counterintuitive given the amount of oil that is extracted from Alaska territory. This may explain why cab rides in Bethel cost as much as they do.

Today we enrolled 6 participants, bringing our total enrollment to 11 children. We are one participant ahead of our daily recruitment goals. The YKHC dental clinic is a beautiful facility located across the street from the YK Hospital and the movie theatre/shopping mall currently under construction. There are a number of specialty health clinics in our building including optometry and behavioral health.

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