Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yurts and Rudabaga

After work, one of the dentists in Bethel hosted a party in her very cool yurt-like structure, located next to the White House Bed and Breakfast. It's a very cool structure with a living room and kitchen on the ground floor and a bedroom in the loft.

The YKHC dentists and our study team enjoyed a gourmet potluck consisting of salmon (cooked two ways), two colorful salads, homemade baked bread and butter, and an amazing coconut rice (the last of which I somehow managed not to get a photo of…you can see part of the red bowl in which it was served). What a beautiful spread of amazing food. YUM!

I met and socialized with Baga (short for Rutabaga), a vivacious and affectionate female Husky from the YK Delta. She French kissed me three seconds after I walked into the house. You can't tell from the photo but Baga has a long juicy tongue.

The YKHC dentists have built a strong sense of community, which I really enjoy being part of each time I visit Bethel. They warmly welcome all visitors into their homes and lives. The gatherings remind me of what college was like – frequent social events that happen spontaneously without an ounce of  planning stress. I've had lots of really interesting conversations with authentic, genuine people. They call it the Bethel Family and I certainly feel like an honorary member. See if you can spot Baga. There she is!

We had another great enrollment day - 7 children - bringing our total enrollment to 18 participants. I’m getting used to my operatory in the YKHC dental clinic, which is spacious and set up nicely for participant examinations and data collection.

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